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Guidelines to follow when buying a used car

Planning is important in every aspect of our lives. In order to avoid losses and make the best out of everything, it is advisable to have a plan to guide you. These are not necessarily for long term engagements but are for short term one such as buying a car. The plan should have the future expectations of what you are about to start and directions on how to get there. Some of the key points in used car buying guide bangalore include:

Where to buy your car

When buying a used car whether from a dealer, private owner, or auction, it is important to conduct a thorough inspection and research to ascertain whether the car has money owing on it or involved in major accidents. Buying a car from a dealer gives you guaranteed title and statutory warranty on cars below 10 years old. They also offer a range of used cars to choose from. When buying from auctioneers, they set prices that are cheap, guarantees title, offers various models in one location, and it is less competitive.

Check car history report and paperwork

Unless you are buying the car from a close family member, it is advisable to check the car’s history using the registration and make of the car, its chassis number, and the odometer reading. These will help estimate the price of the car and its value. Before purchase has been made, look at the legal documents such as registration certificate, original car purchase invoice, and road tax receipts. If any taxes are applicable by the authorities, the owner is liable for them.

Inspection is very important

The outside of the car should be checked by a mechanic before buying it. If it is a certified pre owned car, it has already been inspected and warranty is in place. The engine should be checked to confirm a steady progression of oil-change and maintenance. This will reduce the costs of repair and replacement by the buyer.

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